In 2016, my mentor handed me a camera. At that time, I was a developer, a resourceful jack-of-all-trades.
This analog aspect launched me into a quest for novelty and refinement, allowing me to understand the importance of imagery, the creative process, and artistic direction.
In March 2020, I decided to fully immerse myself in photography as an independent professional. I participated in short courses, fashion shoots, street portraits, and events and festivals.
Since my childhood, I have had the opportunity to live in different cultures, continents, regions, and languages – this has sharpened my interpretation of body language and emotions expressed through the body. I feel that this is what nourishes me today: the experiences of humans going through various aspects of life.

Today, I offer my services in various contexts:​​​​​​​
Event & 
(photo, vidéo)
Cam. Assistant2, Cam. Assistant 3 (vidéo)
Artistic direction, end-to-end for Presskits and artists images.
Assistant Photographer
Corporate Portraits

Prints and special orders

Thank you!
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